A school for winners!

Freie Schule Anne-Sophie (FSAS) is a state accredited, independent school. It uses the free space to strengthen the children's personalities in addition to their learning success, so that they leave the school as winners.

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2011: Opening of Freie Schule Anne-Sophie at the attractive Berlin location. The Berlin school includes a bilingual elementary school and a bilingual high school.

2022: Expansion of the elementary school to include an entrance class.

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School Sponsor

Freie Schule Anne-Sophie is a state-recognized independent alternative school. The sponsor is the Würth Foundation. The Würth Foundation finances the school operations from parental contributions, state subsidies and donations, most of which come from the German Würth Group.

Every year, the Würth Foundation awards several places at Freie Schule Anne-Sophie as scholarships. The Würth Foundation has legal capacity for Freie Schule Anne-Sophie.

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Teaching-learning concept of the FSAS

Our teaching and learning concept has been developed with great care and coordinated with our school principles and pedagogical guidelines. It ensures that personal development is taken into account and that all processes of teaching and learning are optimized. The foundations of this concept are contemporary research results from the sciences relevant to education.


Learning partners

At FSAS, we refer to our students as learning partners. The children and adolescents with their individual talents, with their different learning and life paths, with their unique personality are the focus of our school concept.

In order to be able to support and accompany the development of each individual child as optimally as possible, we place the highest value on a trusting relationship in everyday school life between learning partners and all other persons involved in the educational mission. Coaching, feedback and trust have a high priority in this partnership.

Learning Coaches

Teachers at FSAS accompany children and adolescents on their way to becoming self-confident and strong personalities. As learning coaches, they know how to give their learning partners room to develop, but also to actively accompany the learning process when this is beneficial to the learning partner's development. Learning coaches are "facilitators" and are responsible for the teaching and learning process. Learning partner are supported in taking responsibility for their own learning. The school supports and promotes the path to becoming a learning coach through an internal qualification program.

Graduation system

The graduation system allows learning partners to increase their scope within independent learning.

There are three levels of graduation. In order to apply for graduation status, a learning partner must achieve the professional goals according to his or her talents and demonstrate exemplary behavior based on our four school principles.

Graduation comes with defined rights and responsibilities.

CLP (Co-responsible Learning partners)

In the CLP are the elected representatives of the learning partners. They represent the internal affairs of the learning teams and help shape decision-making processes. They are involved in school and extracurricular events and actively participate in the observance and shaping of the basic principles.

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