After School Care

At Freie Schule Anne-Sophie After School Care in Berlin, known as Hort, your children will be well cared-for in a relaxed atmosphere after school and during most school vacations. In Hort children have the opportunity to kick back and relax or pick from a wide variety of activities to participate in. The school's philosophy extends into the Hort time; children should feel empowered and inspired to make decisions about what they want to do on their own.

Hort is open Monday through Friday from 16:00 to 18:00. On Fridays Hort has a special after school program beginning at 12:30 where children are able to come and relax and socialize with their friends. On Fridays we also offer special opportunities for art activities, sports, watching a film, and cooking.

During fall break, winter break, Easter break, and part of the summer break Hort will offer a daily plan for children that need care. We go on excursions to sites around Berlin, cook in our kitchen, do arts and crafts, play sports, and spend as much time as possible outdoors.

To attend Hort any day after 16:00 or during holiday breaks parents must apply with their local youth welfare office (Jungendamt) for a Hort Gutschein. Once families have this gutschein they must submit it to the Hort director (Hort Leitung) so that it may be processed.