Media education

Competent use of digital media is a key qualification of the 21st century. Therefore, teaching media literacy is also a central goal of Freie Schule Anne-Sophie. On the one hand, the learning partners should be capable of using digital devices and applications confidently and creatively. On the other hand, they should be sensitized to the associated risks such as cyberbullying, computer addiction and data misuse.

In addition to the standard Berlin curriculum, all students from the 7th to the 10th grade attend weekly ICT (Information and Communications Technology) classes, where they learn various programming languages, office applications, and web design, among other things. In addition, there is a media studies subject in the 8th grade, which deals with ethical, psychological and political issues in the media world. In the upper school, students can also choose from the supplementary course "Digital Worlds" and the seminar course "Digital Ethics". The IT program is supplemented by a variety of study groups and elective courses in the area of digital media (e.g., video, podcasts, and coding).

iPads VR glasses 3D printer Drones Roboter

IT equipment

Learning with and via media requires good digital equipment. To ensure this, The school provides all learning partners with an iPad or a MacBook. In all classrooms, there are interactive whiteboards, beamers and Apple TV in addition to a fast WLAN. The school also has a 3D printer, various robots and programmable drones.

As a central communication and learning platform, the school uses the learning management system itslearning. In addition to appointments and general information, the learning partners can access daily learning materials and assignments on this platform. Various learning apps and programs for creative design are also available to them on their digital devices.


In recognition of its innovative use of digital media in the classroom, the school received the "Apple Distinguished School" award in 2018.


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