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Welcome to Freie Schule Anne-Sophie Berlin!

Freie Schule Anne-Sophie is a state-approved alternative school in Berlin-Zehlendorf. It consists of an entrance class, an elementary school (1st-6th grade) and a secondary school (7th-12th grade).

It is a bilingual all-day school with classes taught in German and English. A beautifully designed learning environment promotes self-organized and goal-oriented learning. Another focus is on teaching media literacy as well as the responsible and creative use of digital tools and programmes.

The school's mission statement is defined by four basic attitudes: appreciation, mindfulness, willingness to learn and confidence.


Learning partners and learning coaches at the Freie Schule Anne-Sophie take pleasure in learning and embrace the challenges of a globalized world.It is through a variety of media, bilingual classes and individual coachings that we accompany our community of learners on their individual pathways to success.

News Teaser Wir sind Erasmus+ -Schule!
Wir sind Erasmus+ -Schule!

Die FSAS hat Akkreditierung erhalten

News Teaser CODE University
CODE University

Einblicke in das Studium an der CODE und IT-Berufe

News Teaser Künstliche Intelligenz in der Schule
Künstliche Intelligenz in der Schule

Studientag zum Thema ChatGPT und KI