Bilingual School

Learning languages opens the door to understanding different cultures around the world. Our learning partners expereince each day the importance of communicating in different ways and understand that their perpective of the world is one of many.

At FSAS, both German and English are the languages of instruction from grade 1 to 12. Approximately half of the instructional time is in each of these languages. In the Primary school, the core subjects are taught in both languages to ensure learning partners are proficient in academic vocabulary. In the lower secondary school (grades 7 to 10), the subjects are taught for one year in one language, with about half of the subjects taught in each of the languages. Starting in grade 7, an additional language is added such as French or Spanish. The German Abitur certificate in the upper school (grade 11 and 12), continues to offer some courses in English.

Through our bilingual education, the learning partners at FSAS gain a deep knowldge and understanding of both the German and English languages as well as the histories and cultures related to these languages.

Our learning partners are thereby optimally prepared for vocational training or studies in Germany or abroad.

Cambridge international curriculum

The Cambridge International curriculum (grades 1-8)

Accredited since 2017

As a bilingual school with a international learning community, FSAS Berlin has chosen to combine the Cambridge international curriculum with the Berlin state curriculum. Cambridge provides a rigorous and comprehensive English lanuguage curriculum for the subjects of English, mathematics, global perpectives and ICT.

The Cambridge international curriculum adds a challenging, inspiring, culturally sensitive and at the same time international in approach to the local German and European perspective of the Berlin state curriculum. Using this combination, our learning partners develop an informed curiosity of the world and a lasting passion for learning. They also gain the essential skills they need for success at university and in their future careers.


Freie Schule Anne-Sophie has set itself the goal of teaching children and young people how to use digital media responsibly, critically, and creatively.

For this purpose, the learning partners are provided with a personalized iPad (1st-9th grade) or a MacBook (10th-12th grade) by the school. Digital media tools are introduced in a guided and age-appropriate manner. As the learning partners advance in the grades and show responsible use, they are able to use the various degital media tools with increasing independence.

(we don't want the primary parents to think the kids sit with the iPad all day...)

Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard or projector, Apple TV, and high-speed Wi-Fi.

In addition to the regular subjects offered in the Berlin curriculum, the learning partners take ICT (Information and Communications Technology) from the first to the tenth grade and in some classes also media studies. Additional upper-level courses with a focus on "digitalization" and numerous media clubs round out the wide range of courses offered at FSAS.


In recognition of its innovative use of digital media in the classroom, the school received the "Apple Distinguished School" award in 2018.

Designed Environment

The interior design of the school has a great influence on well-being, concentration and motivation. Therefore, the Freie Schule Anne-Sophie attaches great importance to a beautifully designed learning environment, bright rooms and high-quality materials.

The rooms are designed in such a way that they allow for flexible teaching arrangements at all times. Subject rooms and classrooms are combined with large open areas for collaborative group work as well as smaller niches for independent individual work.

There is also a cafeteria combined with a stage for lunch and larger events, as well as a large modern gymnasium.

Learning studio Primary

Learning studio Primary

Cave for reading

Cave for reading

Learning studio Secondary

Learning studio Secondary

Classroom Secondary

Classroom Secondary





Schoolyard and Gym

Schoolyard and gym




Coaching & Community

A respectful and trusting relationship among the learning partners as well as between learning partners and learning coaches is a core principle of the Freie Schulen Anne-Sophie. Various activities such as the morning circle in the elementary school, learning year teams in the secondary, joint lunches, clubs as well as excursions and class trips promote the sense of community among the children and adolescents.

In addition, each learning partner is supported by a dedicated coach with whom he/she/they regularly discusses academic development, various educational and career prospects, and personal matters as needed. The coach also strives for a good, close and trusting cooperation with the parents.

Parents' workshop

Example of a parent workshop

Parents' workshop 2

Parents' workshops

Several times a year, the school offers parent workshops in which learning coaches and parents exchange ideas on a specific topic in the area of education, upbringing and media.

Often, external experts are invited to introduce the respective topic and support the exchange in an advisory capacity.

Primary School

Grade 1-6

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Secondary I (Gymnasium)

Grade 7-10

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Secondary II (gymnasiale Oberstufe)

Grade 11-12

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