Learning Environment

The learning environment at FSAS is designed to support the various ways of learning that are encouraged here. There are closed classroom spaces for directed lessons, open shared space for partner and team project work. At certain times in the day, the learning partners have the opporutniy to choose where they want to work. There is comfortable furniture where one can read a book, and a carpet area to study on the floor or standing tables. This flexible form of learning is possible at FSAS because children learn to stay on task, work quietly and respect the learning needs of the other children.

The Sonnenhaus Sonnenhaus2

Supplementary outdoor learning environment: The Sonnenhaus

In addition to the school, the Sonnenhaus is available to children and young people as a supplementary outdoor learning environment. From vacation activities to regular programs and self-directed learning, the Sonnenhaus offers a variety of activities for all students.

The Sonnenhaus is an area close to the border to Teltow. It is run by the Schreberjugend Berlin and offers children and young people a wide range of expereinces. In the Sonnenhaus there are various animals such as pigs, chickens and goats also a wood workshop, tree houses, a garden and a fire pit can be used.

Most field trips focus on social learning and group work but craft sand academic learning are also an important part of the field trips. Thus, different topics such as "animals and habitats" can be integrated very well and thus often get a practical level for the children in addition to the theoretical one.