Coaching is an essential part of the school culture at FSAS. It strengthens the relationship between learning partner and learning guide, develops personal responsibility and independence, and can be an important factor for success in school and personal development.


FSAS offers coaching on several levels:

Individual Coaching:

Each* learning partner* has a personal coach. This is a teacher who is always the first point of contact for the learning partner as well as for parents and guardians.

The learning partner and the coach meet at regular intervals to discuss school-related and personal issues. The coach keeps track of grades, sets individual goals with the youth, and reflects on their achievement.

Subject coaching:

Subject coaching relates to individual subjects and, unlike individual coaching, is primarily aimed at achieving academic goals. Each learning partner has the right to make an appointment with his or her subject coaches in order to have content that is not understood explained to him or her or to deepen certain areas.