The school promotes the active cooperation of learning partners and parents in the development of the school. There are various organizations for the coordination of the cooperation.

Co-responsible Learning partners (CLP)

In the CLP are the elected representatives of the learning partners. They represent the internal affairs of the learning teams and help shape decision-making processes. They are involved in school and extracurricular events and actively participate in the observance and shaping of the basic principles.


Parent's Council

In order for every child to leave the school as a winner, various actors are needed to participate and help shape the school in accordance with the basic principles of the FSAS. The Parents' Council takes up concerns of parents that are of general importance, engages in dialogue with teachers and school leadership, seeks joint approaches to solutions in the face of challenges, and contributes innovative ideas.

The Parents' Council is a valuable partner in the implementation of projects, the organization of school events and in joint celebrations.


Friends of Freie Schule Anne-Sophie e.V.

In addition to implementing the purpose of the association, the Förderverein der Freien Schule Anne-Sophie e.V. aims to work together in a spirit of trust with all those involved in school life, in particular with the school management, the Würth Foundation as the sponsor of Freie Schule Anne-Sophie and the Würth Group as the main sponsor, for the benefit of Freie Schule Anne-Sophie. (Excerpt from the Articles of Association dated 15.03.2017)