Middle School Certificate (MSA)

The Middle School Certificate (MSA) is completed at the FSAS, just as at state schools, in the 10th grade. As a state-approved alternative school, the FSAS takes part in the central examinations of the state of Berlin. The Middle School Certificate achieved is therefore the same as that obtained by young people at state schools.


The MSA consists of two parts:

Exam part

The examination part consists of three written examinations in the subjects German, Mathematics and English, a presentation examination in a social science or natural science subject and a speaking skills examination in English.

Grade Level part

In order to pass the Middle School Certificate, both the examination section and Year 10 must be completed with certain grades. Entitlement to transfer to the gymnasiale Oberstufe is also granted on the basis of grades in the 10th year.

You can find more detailed informationhere here.


Abitur (general university entrance qualification)

As a state-approved high school, FSAS offers the Berlin-wide Central Abitur after twelve years of schooling.

Basic and advanced courses

The students choose two advanced courses from three areas (linguistic-literary-artistic, social sciences and natural sciences), which are offered for an increased number of hours, as well as one additional written and one oral examination subject. In addition, further basic courses are chosen, whose evaluations are included in the Abitur grades. In the fifth part of the examination, the students can choose between a longer term paper and a presentation examination.

The courses offered depend on the current demand.


More detailed information can be found here: hier hier.


Abitur exams


FSAS has offered the Abitur since 2016. The average in the 2023 Abitur was 1,9.

Four out of 28 learning partners achieved a grade of 1.0.