LY2 Mosaic Workshop

LY2 Mosaic Workshop

For some of their art sessions this term, LY2b went to The YouKunst Jugendkunstschule in Steglitz.

We learned how to make mosaics.

First, we thought of a design for our mosaic and made a sketch on paper.

Then we had to transfer the design on our board.

We started off by sticking the little pieces along the edge of the board and worked our way inwards. Last but not least, we applied the grout to close the gaps.

We let it dry and gave it a polish, and ready they were.

The best bit most certainly was breaking up the tiles ourselves, equipped with a hammer and safety goggles!

Great craftmanship, patience and endurance.

We are very proud of ourselves!


If you’d like to see all of our mosaics, come along to the FSAS Annual Art Exhibition.