Diversity Week Primary

Diversity Week Primary
Food Ghana

Food brings people together!

As part of ‘Diversity Week’ in the Primary School, LY2 embraced different foods from within our community. We tried American style rice krispies, apple pie, tortilla de patata from Spain, Russian pierogi, spicy rice and plantains from Ghana and finally Risalamande (Danish Almond Rice Pudding), a Christmas tradition where an almond is hidden in the rice. Whoever finds it, wins a price. Thank you to all the families who contributed!


We also shared the book ‘Everyone Cooks Rice’ by Norah Dooley. This developed into the LY2 ‘Rice Challenge’. We counted 17 different rice dishes that are regularly prepared among the LY2 families. These ranged from Aween’s Chicken Biryani to a Zimbawean rice dish called mupunga cooked in Ann’s house.

Can you add to our list?


Zeig her eure Füße, zeigt her eure Socken!

Die Lernpartner*innen des zweiten Lernjahres kamen letzte Woche mit verschiedenen, bunten Socken zur Schule! Dies war unser Auftakt zur ‘Diversity Week‘ in der Grundschule.

‘Wir sind bunt, und das ist auch gut so!‘ war auch das Motto unserer T-Shirts, die während der Woche gebatikt wurden. Vielfalt ist toll!