Introducing the Förderverein (booster club) of Freie Schule Anne-Sophie Berlin: Who we are.

The Förderverein Freie Schule Anne-Sophie Berlin was founded June 2016, with the following non-profit / charitable goal: Supporting the education at our school through ideas and activities as well as through financial contributions in the form of membership fees, donations and grants. The Förderverein is helping in a variety of schooling matters in a non-bureaucratic fashion supporting the efforts of the Würth-Stiftung (school board) and the school leadership team. We have the following focal points in our efforts:

  • Acquisition of equipment, educational material and additional working materials (e.g. books for the school library, gardening materials and equipment, toys)
  • Support in planned construction work and/or facelift activities
  • Organizing projects, courses and lectures with educational and/or training purpose
  • Assistance in the organization of events and parties (summer party, Christmas party, yard sale, school concert….)
  • Support in activities of the learning partners (students) (e.g. fund raisers by the students)
  • Deepening of relations between school and parents
  • Gathering of new members and sponsors
  • Contact for motivated parents who want to actively support the Förderverein
  • Financial support in cases of individual hardships (e.g. to support school trip participation)
  • Provide financial means and prices for school competitions

Membership fees, donations and sponsor support are giving us the means to realize the purpose of the Förderverein. In the end, these funds will benefit each student at our school in one way or another. Whoever is willing and interesting in supporting our school is dearly invited to join as a member! We are constantly in need of fresh ideas and numerous connections to support our school in the best way possible. We will keep on needing people to support us in the future, be it material or non-material. It is not solely about money and funds. An organization such as a Förderverein can benefit substantially by having wide spread connections into all areas of life and work. We are happy to welcome old and young as members. Out of love for our kids, we want to keep on growing and improving. We are welcoming parents, teachers, relatives, alumni and each and every one who holds the wellbeing our schoolkids dear and close to their hearts. The yearly minimum membership fee is €30. As an officially accepted charitable organization, we will be able to issue receipts for donations for tax deduction (Spendenquittung).


Support the Förderverein while shopping

You cannot only support the Förderverein by becoming a member but also while shopping at Amazon. If you start your shopping on, you can choose the Förderverein as the beneficiary organization. We are registered as Foerderverein Freie Schule Anne Sophie Berlin. You can then continue to choose your products as usual at Amazon. The Amazon Smile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to the Förderverein without any additional cost.

This means twice the fun: shopping and supporting the Förderverein at the same time. The simplest way to return to is to bookmark the page.

We thank you for your support of the Förderverein and, therefore, our children. If you have any questions, please contact the Förderverein (see contact).