Freie Schule Anne-Sophie Künzelsau - International encounters

International encounters are an integral part of everyday life at Freie Schule Anne Sophie Künzelsau. Some of our learning coaches have international roots that influence the life of the school. In an area of the primary school, we do everything in English: play, crafts, singing, reading, writing, storytelling, role-playing, and discussions on a wide variety of topics.

We receive visits from staff on work placements with Würth, the company funding the foundation that operates the school. They come from Brazil and other countries, and stay with the parents of children at the school. We organize language trips to London, and regular exchanges with Long Trail School in Dorset, Vermont.

Our secondary school students go on study trips around the world. We are proud to offer our students a fully integrated, bilingual, multicultural learning environment. For more information, visit the Freie Schule Anne Sophie Künzelsau website.

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